True Bloom

True Bloom organic flower fertiliser and soil improver.

True Bloom is a totally unique and sustainable organic flower fertiliser and soil improver specifically designed to maximise the bloom, health, colour and vitality of your flower beds, baskets and borders with no risk of leaf or flower scorch.

Created from sustainable food waste which is carefully composted and then crafted into nutrient-packed organic granules, Bloom is the perfect addition to any environmentally conscious gardeners potting shed.

Bee and insect-friendly, child and pet safe, and loaded with natural amino, fulvic and humic acids, vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements, each Bloom tube can replace all your other fertilisers and conditioners with one single environmentally friendly and sustainable superfood.


True Bloom has a subtle nutrient analysis, specifically tailored to maximise soil condition and help gain extra vitality, colour, and flowering of your baskets, beds and borders, as well as improving the establishment of cuttings and seedlings.
Sprinkle liberally into and over the soil when planting, or it can be sprinkled at the plant base as often as required or, if preferred, as a monthly nutrient top-up, with no risk of scorch or damage to the plant leaf or stem. Each tube is jam-packed with goodness. Granule flow through the applicator will improve with use.

Other than being natural, sustainable and chemical-free, what else is so special about the True Range?

Traditionally composts and organically built fertilisers all contain high levels of inert carbon fibres, which have little in the way of goodness. For example, homemade compost may contain up to 50%, whilst chicken manure derived compost/fertiliser would likely contain 18%.
The True Garden Range contains as little as 5% inert carbon fibres, therefore, containing considerably more goodness right from the beginning of the process. In addition, as a compost base, the food waste used to create True Range’s stable humus (the all-important organic matter) has more components and is, therefore, more diverse than a manure alternative which leads to the prolonged release of essential elements absorbed by the plants to support their growth.


“True Garden soil improvers are natural, free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, are child, pet, bee and even earthworm safe”.

Organic matter has a high capacity to hold onto and provide the essential elements and water required for plant growth. Soils high in organic matter also have a high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and are, generally, some of the most productive for plant growth.
The True Garden Range is uniquely created from recycled, composted food waste. It is tested to guarantee full maturation during the composting process and ensure each batch is free from harmful pathogens. This stable humus is naturally rich in Amino Acids, Humic and Fulvic Acids, minerals, vitamins and vital trace elements along with N, P & K and all are fused into the organic granules to help limit leaching, whilst conditioning and feeding your soils, vegetable and fruit plants.

When applied to a growing medium via its unique applicator,  True Bloom…

Will provide the essential elements for plant growth and help to hold these elements and water within the soil, contributing to improved plant growth. It will also improve the physical and biological properties of the earth by boosting the activities of microflora and microfauna.

As plant growers, we know the vital importance of healthy soils. Building beneficial microbes and bacteria levels in your soils are critical to success. True Garden products are both a natural soil conditioner and a fertiliser.  Unlike traditional chemical-based fertilisers that negatively affect your soils and its food web, the True Garden Range improve your soil health every time it is applied

Weight: 2 kg

Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 26.5 cm