True Bloom

Introducing TRUE Bloom, the ultimate solution for organic flower fertilisation and soil improvement!

TRUE Bloom is a revolutionary and sustainable organic fertiliser specifically designed to enhance the bloom, health, colour, and vitality of your flower beds, baskets, and borders. Say goodbye to the worries of leaf or flower scorch, as True Bloom ensures a risk-free application.

Created from carefully composted sustainable food waste, TRUE Bloom is crafted into nutrient-packed organic granules, making it the ideal addition to any environmentally conscious gardener's potting shed.

What sets TRUE Bloom apart from other products? Well, it's not just natural, sustainable, and chemical-free. TRUE Bloom is bee and insect-friendly, safe for children and pets, and loaded with natural amino acids, fulvic and humic acids, vitamins, minerals, and essential trace elements. It's truly a superfood for your plants.

TRUE Bloom has a subtle nutrient analysis that specifically caters to maximising soil condition, promoting vitality, colour, and flowering in your baskets, beds, and borders. Additionally, it aids in the establishment of cuttings and seedlings.

To use TRUE Bloom, simply sprinkle it liberally into the soil when planting. Alternatively, you can sprinkle it at the base of your plants as often as required or use it as a monthly nutrient top-up. No need to worry about scorch or damage to the plant - TRUE Bloom is gentle yet effective. The more you use it, the better the granule flow through the applicator will become.

But what makes the TRUE Range truly special? Unlike traditional composts and organic fertilisers that are high in inert carbon fibres, the TRUE Garden Range contains as little as 5% inert carbon fibres. This means it contains considerably more goodness from the very beginning of the process. The compost base derived from food waste used in TRUE Range creates stable humus that is more diverse than manure alternatives, leading to the prolonged release of essential elements for plant growth.

TRUE Garden soil improvers are not only natural, free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, but they are also child, pet, bee, and even earthworm safe. With a high capacity to hold essential elements and water required for plant growth, TRUE Garden Range products improve soil health and boost the activities of microflora and microfauna. This ultimately contributes to improved plant growth and the overall physical and biological properties of the earth.

Experience the difference with TRUE Bloom and unlock the TRUE potential of your plants today! It's the perfect companion for your gardening journey.

Weight: 2 kg

Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 26.5 cm