The stable humus (organic base of the fertiliser) derived from food waste will provide the essential elements for plant growth and help to hold them and water within the soil. This not only contributes to plant growth but its effect also improves the physical and biological properties of the soil boosting the activities of microflora and micro fauna.

This all leads to:

  • Promotion of good soil structure
  • Boosts the exchange capacity of nutrients between the plant and the soil
  • Aids natural disease defences of the plants
  • Increases the root mass of the plants
  • Ongoing soil fertility replenishment
  • Optimum slow even growth


Created using recycled, composted food waste. This really is the ultimate in sustainable, chemical free, natural plant food! 
Three individually designed soil improvement fertilisers, specifically tailored for different areas of your garden.
Contains super high levels of soil healthy organic matter whilst also being super low in inert carbon fibers.
Has more components and is more diverse than an animal manure alternative, leading to a more prolonged release of essential elements being absorbed by your plants to support their growth.
Naturally rich in amino, fulvic and humic acids, perfect for encouraging, vibrant healthy plant growth.
The granules break down easily allowing rapid uptake of the essential nutrients, to feed your plants, whilst the fertiliser also stimulates and feeds the soils microbiology.
Unique compostable and recyclable tube, that also doubles as a simple applicator, allowing you to easily apply the organic granules to your flowers, vegetables, fruits and lawns.
Granules can be applied as a main seasonal feed, or if preferred as weekly nutrient top ups. 
Child and pet safe.
Bee, insect and earthworm friendly.