What is TRUE Garden?
The nutrient-rich humus, extracted from food waste, serves as a vital foundation in our fertiliser, delivering essential elements that bolster plant growth and effectively retain both water and nutrients within the soil. This dual action not only nurtures plant development but also enhances the soil's physical and biological attributes, fostering the activity of microflora and microfauna.
This intricate process leads to a range of benefits:
- Facilitation of optimal soil structure
- Amplification of nutrient exchange between plants and the soil
- Reinforcement of natural defence mechanisms against diseases
- Augmentation of root mass in plants
- Continuous renewal of soil fertility
- Achievement of steady, gradual growth patterns
Crafted from repurposed, composted food waste, our product stands as the pinnacle of sustainable, chemical-free, natural plant nourishment. Three distinct formulations have been meticulously designed to enhance different sections of your garden, offering an abundance of organic matter that is exceptionally beneficial to soil health, while containing minimal inert carbon fibres.
Distinguished by its comprehensive composition, our fertiliser outperforms animal manure alternatives by ensuring a protracted release of vital elements, which are efficiently absorbed by plants to fuel their growth. Enriched with amino, fulvic, and humic acids, it cultivates vibrant and robust plant growth.
The granules effortlessly disintegrate, facilitating swift absorption of essential nutrients to nourish your plants. Moreover, the fertiliser stimulates and nurtures soil microbiology. Encased within a distinctive compostable and recyclable tube, this packaging doubles as a convenient applicator, simplifying the process of distributing the organic granules onto your flowers, vegetables, fruits, and lawns.
These granules can be employed as a primary seasonal feed or used for weekly nutrient top-ups, adapting to your preference. Importantly, our product is safe for children and pets, and it maintains a friendly environment for bees, insects, and earthworms.