True Grass

Introducing TRUE Grass, the ultimate organic lawn fertiliser and soil improver for all lawn enthusiasts. Developed by lawn experts, TRUE Grass tackles two long-standing challenges in lawn care: soil health and sustainability. With TRUE Grass, you can nourish and enrich your lawn without harming the environment.

TRUE Grass is completely free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides, making it safe for children and pets. Packed with essential nutrients, it provides everything your lawn and its soils need to flourish and thrive. Suitable for all grass and soil types, TRUE Grass enhances your lawn's Cation Exchange Capacity, leading to improved growth and overall health.

What sets TRUE Grass apart is its unique composition. Crafted entirely from recycled and composted food waste, its organic nutrient-dense granules have zero risk of scorching your lawn. With True Grass, you can feed your lawn with confidence.

Moreover, the TRUE Range offers additional benefits beyond being natural, sustainable, and chemical-free. Unlike traditional composts and fertilisers that contain high levels of inert carbon fibres, TRUE Garden products have as little as 5% inert carbon fibres. This means they contain more goodness right from the start. The stable humus derived from food waste has a greater variety of components compared to manure alternatives. As a result, TRUE Grass releases essential elements slowly, supporting plant growth over time.

When applied, TRUE Grass provides the essential elements for grass plant growth while improving soil properties. It enhances the activities of beneficial microflora and microfauna, boosting the overall health of your soil.

The TRUE Garden Range is also tested to ensure each batch is free from harmful pathogens. Its stable humus is rich in Amino Acids, Humic and Fulvic Acids, minerals, vitamins, vital trace elements, N, P & K, mycorrhizae, and a natural wetting agent. All these components are fused into the organic granules to limit leaching and condition and feed your soils and grass plants.

Choose TRUE Grass for a truly unique, sustainable, and organic lawn fertiliser. It not only maximises soil condition and vitality but also enhances the color, health, and establishment of newly seeded areas and turf. Sprinkle TRUE Grass liberally into the soil when turfing or seeding, or use it as a monthly nutrient top-up for your lawn without any risk of damage to the grass leaf.

TRUE Grass comes in convenient tubes packed with goodness. Over time, the granule flow through the applicator will improve with use.

Experience the TRUE difference with TRUE Grass – earth-safe, organic, and pet-friendly. Don't compromise on the health and beauty of your lawn. Trust TRUE Grass to deliver exceptional results.

Weight: 2 kg
Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 27 cm